Course Description

The IICRC-approved Colour Repair Technician (CRT) course covers topics such as colour theory and principles, the history of dyes, carpet manufacturing and dyeing, fibre identification, dye types for different fibres, spot dyeing procedures and room dyeing procedures. Other topics that are covered include colour-related cleaning issues such as bleach spots, urine discolouration, and the use of cleaning agents that may affect or remove colour from carpet. Carpet dyes are permanent, and so proper training is essential for anyone working with them. Having a sound knowledge of the best kinds of dyes to use, the right colour combinations, proper use of dyeing chemicals, and application techniques will affect the outcome of every colour repair job. This course will enable the participant to obtain IICRC CRT certification.

IICRC CCT certification is a prerequisite for this course.

The Coach8 CCT course can be conducted onsite or online. The onsite in-person course is held over a 2-day period. The online livestream course is conducted for 4 hours per day over a 3-day period.

Participants earn 14 IICRC Continuing Education Credits (CECs) for attending this course.

Lunches and snacks are provided by Coach8, except when the course is conducted online.

Please read our Terms and Conditions page for information about payment, cancellations and substitutions.

Examinations and Certification

To receive your certification, you must pass an IICRC examination. If you intend to complete the exam, you must complete a separate exam registration process, which will be provided after registering for the course. Exams for onsite in-person courses are generally held in the classroom after lunch on the final day of the course. Exams for online livestream courses have different arrangements.

Coach8 course registration fees do NOT include IICRC exam registration fees. Exam fees are paid directly to the IICRC separately. The IICRC exam fee for this course is currently $80 USD, but you can check the IICRC website to ensure that fee is still correct.

Livestream Course Information

Participating in an online livestream Coach8 course and completing an online IICRC examination requires some extra preparation. If you are planning to take an online livestream course with Coach8, please read the important information and requirements on our Livestream Courses page.

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