What are Coach8 Packages?

Coach8 packages provide a great way to save on training and certification. Packages let you buy bundles of popular IICRC-approved courses at huge discounts.

One student can attend each of the classes in the package. The classes can be split between different students, but all students must work for the same organisation.

When you purchase a package, a member of the Coach8 team will contact you to determine the class dates you would like to register for.

All courses in a single package must be taken within 12 months of purchase. If you do not complete the courses within the allotted time, fees will not be refunded.

Certification and Exams

To receive your certification, you must pass an IICRC examination for each course. If you intend to complete the exams, you must complete a separate exam registration process, which will be provided after registering for each course.

Coach8 course registration fees do NOT include IICRC exam registration fees. Exam fees are paid directly to the IICRC separately. The IICRC exam fee is currently $80 USD per Technician course, and $150 per AMRT course, but you can check the IICRC website to ensure these fees are still correct. There is a separate IICRC exam fee for each course in a package.